Yoga In The Mix & Vintage - Closet Sale - Market. - 12/06 tem. 12/06

Ooooh Yes, Summer is coming closer and we can organize again!!!

So get ready for some events @ Bocadero !

@margothallemans and @yoganblock will teach a 90 min “Yoga In The Mix”- lesson.
Yogalesson = 14u - 15u30 Price = 15€ / 90-min-class.


From 14u - 18u you can come to our market!
Come to the market and discover our “closet sale”.
-> If you have clothes that you are not wearing anymore you can book a stand at our market OR just come and see what other people have to offer.

Do you have a shop and do you want to put your products in the spotlight you can also book a stand!
OR just come and join us for a drink in de coolest summerbar in town!

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